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Writing, Design, Photography

I am a freelance writer and designer, specializing in technical and marketing content; custom fine art photography; and film screenplays. I have thirty years of experience in marketing and technical communications for enterprise software, database, data security, cloud services, and networking companies. I have been a VP of large technical content development departments, a manager of multi-disciplinary creative virtual teams, and a self-motivated independent contributor.


I focus on communicating relevant, concise, and targeted information to reach the target audience through the most appropriate channels:  web site content, social networks, traditional print, digital magazines, books, blogs, and infographics.


I help organizations tell their stories on topics as varied as enterprise business software and services, SaaS and Cloud Architecture, security software, and tokenization. Recent projects include: white papers for ERP support vendor; copywriting technical content for web site, blogs, white papers, and customer profiles for a cloud data security vendor; editing an on-boarding kit for a Health Information Exchange provider; editing mobile financial security documentation; press releases for a FinTech company, and writing a property management systems white paper.


Through writing and design I specialize in communicating technical information about business software and services, using clear and engaging stories, for use in multiple marketing channels. Let me help you tell your story.


Haiku Productions consists of:


Marketing Communications and Design

Yugen Photography Fine Art Prints

Zenga Independent Films Screenplays


Previous Experience


Consultant, The Content Bureau, Writing and Editing Services for clients such as SAP,  Lumension Security, and Adobe

Director Corporate Publications, Managing Editor PeopleTalk Magazine, PeopleSoft

Knowledge Management Architect, PeopleSoft

Vice President Communication Services, PeopleSoft

Manager of Financial Management Publications, PeopleSoft

Marketing Collateral Manager, Sybase

Editor Corporate Communications,  Ungermann-Bass/Tandem

Technical and Marketing Writer, Industrial Networking Incorporated

Technical Documentation Manager, Digital Microsystems

Photographic Design Associate, Imag’Inez Design, San Francisco

Associates Degree Photographic Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology

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