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Sand sifts through

The beach fence

Forgotten sand castles


Spitting on the ground

My gift for you

Little weed



Scattered everywhere

Granite shards


Hearing the hawks

Seeing the buzzards

Silent breaking waves


In the scrub

Insects ticking

Nature's random clockwork


Looking for John

Stone, trees, sky

There you are!      
-- For John Courtney


Gusty onshore wind

Rock? Boat?

Neither moving


Without her

Left to live on and on

This cold stone

 -- For Jeffers


After stormy spring

Calm seas

A fifth season


Crows bitching at hawk

The cat's ears

Perk up


Gusting winds

Where to hide the bone?

Restless dog


Moment of silence

Drained away by machines


Hearing wings beat the air

I realize

I am still here


Luminous clouds

The storm over

Before it began


Looking at the crow

Looking at me

Sudden chill


Boundary layer

Swirling, dissipating fog

Thoughts too


Inhaling fog

Exhaling fog

Beach cypress


Drifting fog

Not stopping it

Beach cypress


Catching fog

Dripping dew

Beach cypress


Cold dawn parking lot

Forgotten garbage dump

Gathering of crows


Center of the low

53 west 132 north

Storm arriving tomorrow


Southwest winds

Cyclonic flow

Rain approaches


black-capped junco

escaping hard rain

camellia flower umbrella


Carmel River Bench

Turds of visiting pigs

Stogie butts in the sand


In the dusk

Crows fly home

Random particles of night


For no reason

Dead bees

The end of blossoms


Running dog

Scatters the gulls

Empty beach


Observing the flower pot

Zen cat

Twitches one ear


Geranium entangles

The smiling buddha

Time to go


A fence that keeps

Nothing in, nothing out

A long marriage


Summer fires

Redden the crescent moon

The dog sleeps undisturbed


Tucking in the kids

How lucky they are

To fall asleep first


Swirling over the crosswalk

Plum  blossoms

Ignore the traffic lights


Abalone shells

Shattered on the beach path

Ohlone repast


After the clouds pass

Spring shower continues

Rain from the ash tree


Ocean gale


Pinned against the sky


Drove all day

Can’t sit

Can’t stand still


Under my bare feet

Popping sounds

Seaweed pods


Waves crash

Children scream





Seagulls in fog


Ladybug on my shoulder

Flies off

Didn’t like my stare


Harassing a hawk

The crow’s cawcawphony




Pelicans head out to sea


Choosing a Christmas tree

A V of geese overhead

Honk their approval


Indulging in summer apricots

What do you mean

We’re out of toilet paper?


Passing through the pines

The fog whispers

News from the sea


Sun in the fog

A jewel

That can't be stared at


Haiku, Senryu, Poems

Remembering Dementia

for Mom and Dad


Blood vessel breaks

A stroke of genius

Dementia settles in


Drifting fog

Absorbing, letting go

Beach cypress, your mind


Wiping the shit from your shoe

You ask

Whose it is


Losing your wife

We wonder again

Where she is


Forgetting everything except

That you've forgotten something


Going to sleep

Waking up

Suddenly -- two dogs!



Burning bacon



Father and son

Arguing over car keys

This time, I keep them


Chill Autumn wind

Birds are flying both ways

Words of wisdom



Broken hip

Dementia makes itself at home

Sonoma Reset


I'm here

At the edge of the world

To reset.


I’m seeing eye to eye

with pelicans flying

along the cliff

Gliding by with nary

A flap of wings.

Sharing the land-sea edge

With a bird of great history

Through how many eons of

Air have those wings sailed?

To know the air that well

Is an accomplishment

To be envied



I'm here to talk, eat, drink, and be subversive

Slurp primeval oysters

Sip Hokkaido-crafted sake

To dream, meditate, and medicate

Tune into whales and sea lions

Crows and ospreys

Watch the slow gliding

Of buzzards

Searching for the dead



You and I, writers of words

Singer and player of wild notes

Ideas exploding from foreheads

Words slipping off tongues,

Sliding into the foggy night

Getting lost, going awry,

Then echoing back from

Sudden silence

Revealing new paths to follow

Stumping near the cliffs

Edging away from reality

Talking, drifting

In and out of the fog

Real fog, not the fog of

Cities, offices, and politics.



Sonoma Journey


Blue, grey, humpback

Journeying north in the night

Slipping through cold waters

Lit up by your music,

Sonic echoes painting pictures

across your skin:

Fleeing fish, sea floor sand,

Granite rocks, your baby following.

Sensing changes in water density

Savoring subtle flavors of salinity

Not seeing me,

Dreaming of you,

On the land, surrounded by air


Great grandmother

Taught how to avoid

Subsonic rumbles

Of diesel engines,

Turn away from

Shadows of floating wood,

Fear the chase of wind-driven sails.

All that you know of men,

You learned

To dive deep


And now we hunt you

With our eyes:

Cameras, sensors, and satellites;

Eager to witness your pelagic journeys

The appearance of your yearly progeny

Eager to be closer to you

Our distant cousin

So great in spirit

So much more at peace


We yearn to understand your songs

The way we pretend to

Understand the machinery of

Our technology

Perhaps someday, you will teach us

And we will understand

How to live in this world

as lightly as you do


Timber Cove July 2010

Coexistence Arising

A poem book

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