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Information Architecture

Most technology companies have a lot (too much!) to say about their products and services, so a primary marketing challenge is to succinctly communicate a story to a busy prospect that will get them to take the next step in the marketing process.


Information architecture is the art and science of making complex content visually appealing, easily understood, and engaging.


For this project for client Rimini Street, I was asked to take a six-page trifold brochure and rewrite and redesign it to make it visually appealing, less cluttered and information dense, and of course easier to understand.


The challenge was two-fold: 1) change the tone from mostly negative statements (against competitors) and instead highlight positive benefits for the prospect; 2) visually communicate four sets of information. The chosen trifold format requires four sets of information to lead the reader through to the conclusion: front page introduction, inside flap (setting the stage), unfolded three-page interior (the main story), and back cover summary page.


As with many projects, this one has gone through several iterations starting from my redesign and rewrite, to the design firm final layout in corporate color pallet, to the internal marketing managers’ final tweaks.


These before and after images demonstrate how I re-architected the flow of information. The final PDF posted by Rimini Street is here: Rimini-Street-Brochure-Real-World-Client-Savings.pdf


Original layout

Redesigned and rewritten layout.

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Site Content Copyright 2016-2017  Alan Stacy