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TokenEx Website Pages, White Papers, Customer Case Studies, Industry Brochures, and Blogs for Inbound Marketing on TokenEx website


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Allant Group long form profile published 1/16/17 along with Press Release and short form profile -- all written by Haiku Productions.


Discount Tire Expands Tokenization to Protect PII


h2o Wireless Call Center PCI Capture Case Study


Orvis Multi-Channel PCI and PHI Protection Case Study


Content Development, Writing, and Editing for website pages at tokenex.com


Copywriting and editing for TokenEx Blog for postings for 2015 to September 2016.

Bizagi e-book "How to Enable Digital Transformation in Healthcare"  
Writing only, not design.

Rimini Street Brochures, White Papers, Customer Profiles, Technical Data Sheets, Newsletters, Web Pages.


Read about the Rimini Street Trifold Brochure Project under Information Architecture


The Art of Yugen: Ghost Flower Collection

Fine Art Photography book and iBook.

Created with InDesign, Published with ISSUU.


Click on image to view ISSUU version.

Content and Editorial Management: PeopleSoft

Corporate Publications, Creative Director and Editor for Quarterly Publication.


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Third-Party Design Management  -  Teaming up with Product Management, I hired and managed design vendor X-Plain to produce business process illustrative diagrams for corporate magazine and sales presentations. Click on image to view full size PDF.

Poetry Book Cover Design

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Advertisement for Tor House Foundation,

for Placement in Monterey Symphony brochure.

Graphic Fliers for Annual Tor House Festivals

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Redsigned and updated print brochure for Tor House Tours

Created in Adobe InDesign

My cover photograph and digital composition


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Expo Booth Banner 30x80" for a startup company at CES

< 1 week concept to production, including accompanying brochure handout.

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